eIDSL through our key alliances have provided integration services and technical expertise across a diverse range of industries. We’ve worked with customers in retail, entertainment, higher education, banking, utilities and manufacturing.

We’ve worked on business consulting and IT projects like:

Process Automation - A Major Car Manufacturing Company 

 RFID implementation to track Engine Production     
 SCADA Integration to track production data.
 Barcode Integration to track Engine No's and QC result.
 SAP Integration to upload the production data.

ERP & Barcode Integration - Best Seaport in  Middle East 

 Document tracking across distributed locations.
 Integrating the clients ERP to a plug-in and generate     
        barcode labels.
 Conversion of  data into barcodes for printing and 

Vehicle Tracking System - Insurance Company

 Vehicle tracking using GPS.
 Tracking the miles travelled.
 Tracking the speed and violations for Insurance.
 Risk analysis - accident prone zone.
 Theft control.

GPS Solutions - Logistics Company

 An integration of GSM, GPRS and GPS technology, 
        where the location of the vehicle is tracked using GPS 
        receivers and tracked information is sent to the remote
        server using GPRS.
 Vehicle plotting and locating in online map.
 Complete Tracking System Integration with Clients ERP.