We optimize your application investments which enables you  the benefit of having more than just cost saving. Our intense focus and comprehensive approach deliver significant improvements in Operational excellence, Risk Mitigation and Performance Enhancement.

We believe that applications are build to enhance your core business and optimizing it would be in working hands on with people,process and systems. We have the nuances and subtleties about business process and systems through our experience.

Infocomm Development Solutions (eIDSL) optimizes local accountability , visibility and a flexible mix of global resources to bring you the right skills at the right cost.

It’s not only the ROI but to get most from your existing application depends on maintaining the application at their best, keeping them running and building them to adapt to new directions.

Application  Development

eIDSL Application Development services help you address evolving business and technology changes by defining , designing and building application tailored to meet your business requirements. We deliver high-quality, flexible applications that are easy to maintain, modular to facilitate enhancements and are reliable, secure and easy to deploy.

Application  Management

eIDSL Application Management  practice offers support services for applications, middleware platform and technologies.

Application Modernization

eIDSL application modernization services help modernize legacy systems to enhance flexibility, mitigate risk, minimize disruption and lower costs.


Enterprise Application Integration

 eIDSLs' Business Process Management - Enterprise Application Integration (BPM-EAI) practice enables organizations to seamlessly operate business processes by integrating the underlying applications, thereby facilitating real-time information sharing.