Database Migration to Cloud and Administration

eIDSL offers a Full suite of Database Migration to Cloud & Administration Service. From the initial migration of the existing database environments to ongoing administration of cloud database implementations, eIDSL will be able to tailor a cloud solution to meet your needs.

eIDSL Database Cloud Services

Assessment of your  Existing Database.

Every Database to cloud migration begins with an assessment of your existing Database. Our experts will identify the technical ,legal & usability constraints of the applications you rely on, as well as their current performance and utilization.
We will provide the relative benefits and drawbacks of the cloud in the context of your business plan and provide you with the Cost Benefit analysis.Knowing your strategic plan will enable us to provide you with the new tools and options.

Migrating Database to the Cloud

Once we know what needs to be migrated, its time to migrate the data which requires careful planning to avoid surprises and downtime.Supporting services such as authentication, monitoring and back must also be migrated.
We’ll plan and carry out the migration, creating the cloud database and moving the data. Once migrated , it’s time to tune and optimize them to get the most out of their new environments.


We’ll baseline, tune and automate the database we’ve migrated, ensuring the best mix of performance, flexibility and low costs.Once we’ve optimized your database for your IT cost, performance and reliability we’ll maintain your database and keep a watchful eye for promising new tools and services that can provide you greater edge.

Database Cloud Operations

Cloud computing presents new challenges to IT operators. At the same time, on-demand infrastructure makes it easy for others to help run your systems. We rely on the following technology

Amazon EC2/Oracle partnership provides customers with a wide selection of Oracle enterprise software that has been certified to run on Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). Customers who power their business with Oracle software can fully leverage the scalability, reliability, and utility-based pricing model of Amazon Web Services (AWS) for production workloads with full support from both Oracle and AWS.  

Service Level Agreements

The scope of our services is defined through our standard or customizable Service Level Agreements (SLAs). A comprehensive, custom-tailored set of service level agreements is developed for each customer to ensure that their specific needs are met throughout the engagement's life-cycle.