Our  professionals  have unparalleled expertise in different Oracle database versions (8i, 9i, 10G) running in different platforms. Our goal is to ensure that the customer takes advantage of database environment that is cost effective, proactively administered, highly available with optimized performance.

Oracle DBA Support from IDSL

Our customers are not buying the service of a single DBA but leveraging on the collective knowledge of Oracle professionals for a fraction of the cost of in-house full time DBA. Our professionals are exposed to hundreds of different applications/ database / operating system / hardware combinations.

We offer the following services

Oracle Installation 
 New  database set-up and configuration.
 Set-up and installation of backup and recovery software.
 Installation of  Oracle Real Application Cluster database.
 Installing Advance Replication.
 Creation of  Oracle Standby Database & Failover  Databases.

Oracle New features Deployment  
 Oracle Grid 
 Oracle Stream 
 Oracle Flashback
 Oracle Audit Vault.
 Oracle Secure Backup
 Deployment and Maintenance of RMAN 
 Deployment of Report Database & Cloning 
 Oracle Automatic Storage Management
 Database Resident Connection Pool (DRCP)

Database Module Implementation
 Data Guard 
 Advance Security 
Oracle Gateway 
 Resource Manager
 Automatic Shared memory structure implementation.
 Implementation of Partition Table Feature with Parallel concept.

Database Administration & Maintenance Services
 Database Auditing
 Planning for Database Growth.
 Backup testing and check-ups.
 Database Security Administration
 Regular Database Health Check-ups.
 Resolutions for ORA and RMAN errors.
 Monitoring database for pro active actions.
 Pro active actions for Database Performance.
 Data Guard  & Stand by Database Synchronization.
 Data Guard & Stand by Database checkup for corruption issue.
 Daily and Monthly house keeping for trace level and database level.

Database Maintenance  &  Services
 Oracle SQL Tuning.
 Database health checkup.
 Database Re-organization.
User & Security Management
 Removing Database Fragmentation.
 Making Hack - proof Oracle Database.
 Recover and removing Database corruption.