Our  professionals  have unparalleled expertise in different SQL Server versions (7.0, 2000,2005,2008) running on all release of the Windows Operating System (2000, NT, 2003 & 2008).

SQL Server Support from IDSL
Our customers are not buying the service of a single DBA but leveraging on the collective knowledge of SQL Server professionals for a fraction of the cost of in-house full time DBA. Our professionals are exposed to hundreds of different applications/ database / operating system / hardware combinations.

We offer the following services

SQL Server Services

Installation & Upgrade  
Database Design & Deployment
Establish & Monitor backup routines.
Manage server security & permissions
Import & Export data as required
Monitor performance & tune database.
Query Performance Tuning
Database Monitoring.
Normalization & De-Normalization of tables.
Collection of performance and utilization of resources.
Verify backup.
Verify optimal resource management and capacity planning
DR support
Replication Deployment & Support
Deployment of test databases.
Disk Load Balancing.
Patches implementation.
Schema management.
User management