We augment your in-house DBA team. We are responsible and accountable for only those tasks assigned to the eIDSL  DBA Experts team according to agreed-upon Service Level Agreements (SLAs). The flexibility of this model allows the customer to choose the set of services as well as the databases supported.The customer, in effect, tailors the support agreement to match their current and future needs. Companies that have hiring freezes, high workloads or inexperienced DBAs find this to be an attractive alternative to hiring additional in-house resources. Supplemental DBA services allow the customer to achieve a high-level of support while freeing internal resources for higher priority and higher ROI activities.

Benefits of Supplemental DBA Service

Access to technical expertise and skills not available in-house
 Leverage the expertise & knowledge of our professional team.

Reducing workload for Internal Staff
If your DBA staff is overwhelmed , but you can't afford a new full-time DBA, let our database professionals share your         

Backup support during peak processing periods, crunch times, off-hours or in absence of your in-house DBA
        No worries about employee turnover, vacation time, nights & weekend coverage. We have you covered.
Faster problem resolution and response time.
We leverage the expertise of our entire DBA team to provide fast resolution to database problems.

Increased database availability and performance.
Increase availability and performance with our strategic planning, proper implementation of high availability options, 
         and  ongoing administration and monitoring efforts.

Supported Database platforms


Our flexible and fully customisable pricing model provides three options to choose from: Fixed, Hourly, or Hybrid. The typical engagement is for one year of services, however, longer term contracts can be developed and priced accordingly.

Service Level Agreements

The scope of our services is defined through our standard or customizable Service Level Agreements (SLAs). A comprehensive, custom-tailored set of service level agreements is developed for each customer to ensure that their specific needs are met throughout the engagement's life-cycle.