In a rapidly changing information era , the world is moving from content to information and knowledge management and there is a paradigm shift on how we share and communicate. Mobility has been accepted as the most distruptive and evolving innovation faced by enterprises today.Smart phones have changed the way we share information and mobility can help companies leverage contextual information to reach out to their customers more effectively.

But as a company you  may encounter challenges in your journey to unlock the opportunities offered by the mobile.

How eIDSL Delivers Business Value ?

eIDSL will work with you throughout your mobile journey to enable you with the maximum potential of your mobile implementation.

  Assessing Your Needs 
                      Evaluate areas with high value impact of mobile on efficiency and effectiveness and cost vs benefit analysis.
  Building Apps
                       Initiating apps with continuous user feedback ,deploying readymade or tailor made solutions with rapid delivery
                    Scale with future proof deployment in mobile platforms, applications, security , service and support and enhance     

Services Offered

Application Development

With multiple factors & competing technologies, it is difficult for companies to concentrate on Mobile Application development. eIDSL Mobile Application Development services help you address those challenges.

Maintenance and Support

We provide maintenance and support services to clients helping them manage products throughout their lifecycle.